Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Remnant Chapter 1 - Lark's Lament

“Welcome to Moreno Valley!” The sign hung lazily off a wooden post sideways. Moreno Valley was home, it was where she’d been trying to get all along. Now that she’d finally made it, she wished she’d have thought better of it. Home, her home, was gone. Everything she’d known and loved had been decimated.
Lark stood in the hot July sunshine. That was the only thing that was as it should be. Summers were notoriously hot in her home town. Her green short sleeved T shirt clung to her sticky skin leaving her feeling dirty and irritated. It seemed that considering the circumstances, the sun would show her poor home town some mercy and back the hell off.

The roads were still intact for the most part, that had been the same everywhere she’d been so far. Buildings were torn asunder. She hardly recognized the place. The hills surrounding the city acted as a compass for Lark. She knew exactly where she was in relation to those hills. Her old high school had been directly across the street from the base of those hills. She knew her way anywhere in the city from there.

The End of Days Pt. 1 - Phoenix Rising

“Baby can you get that?” a husky male voice said in her ear. Emma groaned her displeasure.

“You get it!” She huffed, pulling the down comforter up over her ears. It was Saturday morning. Nobody with any decency called your home on a Saturday morning anyway.

“This isn’t my house and it isn’t your house phone.” He grumbled, following in her disappearing act under the blankets.

“Damn it” Emma said, reaching over for her cell. It was one of her two cell lines. “Phoenix” she spit into the receiver. Phoenix Queen was her full moniker, but no one ever used it. Technically no one ever used her full name of Emerald either, but that was by her own design.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Snow White and Rose Red: Part 4 - Bear Necessities

Last night had proven to be a complete and utter bust. Aside from the taking down of a very personal demon of his, things did not at all go well for Bear. His problem, he decided was women. They were always so damned unpredictable. Snow had gone into full on war rage in that penthouse last night, which was completely unnecessary. Their assignment wasn’t to go on a killing spree; it was to get the troll to run. Snow had decided otherwise. 

Queen of the Deep - Warrior's Welcome

The trek up the mountain was an arduous one. This Queen climbed ever upwards as if she were on a calming stroll. Ikinya, not one to be outmatched by a woman, even a hadithi woman, struggled to keep, but struggled even more to look as if he were equally not bothered by the climb.

“You waste too much of your energy on appearances boy. It would serve you better to focus on the terrain than on your composure.” Teleza commented as she strode ahead. Ikinya was annoyed. Was there nothing he could best this beastly woman at?

Queen of the Deep - Belly of the Beast

“Get up you fool!” a harsh male voice whispered. Ikinya pulled open his heavy eyes. It was dark, and only slivers of light pooled down beneath the canopy of trees. He was in one of the mountain forests. He could not for his life recall how he had gotten there. His body was badly scraped and bruised. He could feel that without having to see it in the light. Ikinya’s eyes finally adjusted to the shaded darkness. The man hovering above him was Mbogo, one of his men. Mbogo was a reliable man, and a skilled fighter. He had taken more than one arrow and survived. Being a man his size, it was hard not to become the target of every archer in the east. Ikinya could not imagine why this man now looked so frightened.

“What is it Mbogo? Where are we?” Ikinya asked. Mbogo looked down on the man confused.

“Do you not remember? Have you been resting here on the forest floor since the day we first came to these cursed lands?” Ikinya stood, stretching his achy muscles. “It must be so and likely why you are still alive. She hunts us like animals for a great feast.”

Queen of the Deep - Ikinya's Folly

“Is this her? Is this the woman that my men have so feared to bring to me?” He said in an amused roar. His men were seasoned, trained, battle proven soldiers who were taught from childhood to not fear death. War had been their mother’s milk, their bedtime stories, and their very life blood, yet suddenly his troops were stricken with fear and of a woman no less!

“This is she Great Ikinya. We beg of you, tread lightly with this woman!” A soldier said approaching with the woman in tow. The soldier, towering over the woman, escorted her forth with such fear and trembling one would think she, and not he, had dealt death to many.

Ikinya watched closely as the woman approached. She was pleasurable to watch, to be certain. Her long skirt, dyed purple, rustled the grass at her bare feet. The blue wrap slung over her right shoulder covered her full breasts, but left the rest of her athletic torso open to view. A long, thick and ornately patterned braid traveled far down her sculpted shoulders and poised back.

Snow White and Rose Red: Part 3 - Snow in Heat

She stood in front of the full length mirror, as she always did at times like these. Her riding boots had been kicked off at the door. Slowly, she pealed her leather pants from her shapely legs. Her trademark leather jacket fell next with a soft thwump on the carpeted bedroom floor. Next the badly torn red blouse was removed and dropped in a pile with the rest. Finally, her black bra fell to the ground freeing her pert, full breasts resembling ripe melons dipped in chocolate and tipped in Hershey’s kisses.
Snow surveyed her cuts and bruises across her torso and arms with disdain. There were more on her back that she could feel but not see.  She hadn’t earned these. These markings were only the result of an explosion she did not sense would happen soon enough. The others would call her careless, possibly even sloppy, but she didn’t care. The others hadn’t been trapped here in this place. The others hadn’t been chained to a reality for time untold.